What To Check Before You Employ Someone From A Best Maid Agency?

What To Check Before You Employ Someone From A Best Maid Agency?

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There are certain employment terms and labor laws that make it stringent and cumbersome for anyone to directly employ a domestic help in a city like Singapore. This makes the situation such that, if you have employed someone without following the right legalities, you would be facing charges. Hence, it is best to seek domestic help from a registered maid agency. Even if you do approach candidates who are listed with a maid agency, you need to check for certain terms and conditions.

Checks you need to run with a best maid agency

Any reliable best maid agency will be able to provide you the following details:

  • Background details of candidates who can perform domestic duties.
  • The training given to such candidates.
  • License to work in the city.
  • Legal status as workers in the city.

The above points need to be verified by you before you start to select a candidate. With a reliable agency, you have several choices for any kind of work assistance you need. You can interview different candidates to satisfy yourself with their expertise in the kind of work you want them to do their behavioral attributes and so forth. Many maid agencies also allow clients to have a trial session with candidates. They can have them over for performing chores in their homes and once they are satisfied, they can confirm their appointment. At the time of taking on a candidate from an agency, you would be required to fill in certain legal paperwork. This will help you showcase the terms of employment of the domestic help to any authority if you are questioned on the same. It also provides you a guarantee of reliability and replacement from the agency that vouch for the candidates.