Top 4 Southeast Asian Countries To Live In For Expats

Top 4 Southeast Asian Countries To Live In For Expats

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Southeast Asia is the top destination for expats from all over the world. It offers so many business opportunities as well as ideal locations to retire for anyone. If you are planning to be an expat at Southeast Asia, here are the top countries you should consider:

  • Thailand – The Land of Smiles is considered to be a very happy country and a lot of people travel and live there. Tourism is a major economic contributor in the country and most tourists who visit there really find it ideal to come back and live there.  Thailand also offers numerous jobs for expats.
  • Singapore – Singapore might be a small country but it is also a top destination for expats. It has one of the most impressive economic records in Southeast Asia. Expats really love living in Singapore because of good business as well as excellent livelihood. The only problem is that living there could be quite costly.
  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centers in the world. It has a service-oriented economy which is really perfect for expats. It should also be noted that Hong Kong has the freest economy in the world and is highly dependent on finance and international trade.
  • Cambodia – For those expats who do not really care much about high-paying jobs or doing business, they can always consider Cambodia. Cambodia is a popular destination among expats because of its very low cost of living. It also offers a number of entrepreneurial activities.

As an expat, you should never forget your culture as well as fulfill your responsibilities such as voting or paying taxes. When it comes to taxes, you can always hire expat tax services  so that you would not be able to fulfill your obligations as a citizen of your home country.

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