Top 3 Ways To Sell Your House In Houston

Top 3 Ways To Sell Your House In Houston

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The average time on the market for Houston homes has unfortunately risen a lot recently. The housing market is in turmoil and so if you are looking to sell your House in Houston quickly, you may need to accept a lower price or even letting the new owners rent with an option to buy. A Houston home has many pluses and minuses, for example location, noise levels of nearby surroundings, views, and of course nearby amenities. So make sure you focus on the positive elements when advertising your home. The five tips below will certainly put you on the right track

  • Pricing

Correct pricing is the number one factor in today’s market. Get an experienced real estate agent to give his opinion. Try two or three different ones for their estimate. One who has a proven track record of sales of homes similar to yours. Find comparable homes on the market with similar styles, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms close by that have sold recently. Search the Internet. Get a regional CMA (comparable Market Analysis) to see local transactions and give you all the information you need to price your home accurately. Price just below the average to get interest flowing.

  • Preparing

Prepare your home which means paint, repair and most of all declutter. Buyers like homes that are in perfect condition, that are fresh and smell good. They want to imagine their own furniture and personal effects in the home they buy. They need to visualize themselves living in that home. Let the buyer browse around your home alone. Don’t hover over them; this can make a prospective buyer suspicious. The house must sell itself. It has been proven that homes with a lived in feel take longer to sell.

  • Marketing

Most potential buyers begin their search on the Internet, so get out there. Create your own web page, and make sure your Estate Agent has a strong web presence. Think about doing a leaflet to give to family and friends with color photos, home information and your phone number. Put a sign up in your front lawn saw everyone passing can see you are selling. Advertise in the newspaper. Become part of the Multiple Listing Service, a service which links all Estate Agents together. All homes on sale are entered here so that other Real Estate Agents can see them. The name of the game is broad exposure.