Parts And Function Of Electronic Components

Parts And Function Of Electronic Components

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For the people who are not from the field of electronic or electricity, it is quite tough to understand about the various terms of this field. Therefore, here, in Singapore we have tried to simply the terms and a brief information about electronic component. We will also give details about the various parts of the component and its function.

These are the basic electronic parts or element packaged usually in a discrete form with the help of more than one connecting leads.

Basically the electronic components are connected with each other, commonly through soldering to a printed circuit board (PCB), with an objective to form an electronic circuit having some functions. Few main components are: capacitor, resistor, transistor, operational amplifier, diode, logic gate, resistor array, etc.

Different types of electronic components

Primarily two types of electronic components: Active and Passive.

  • Passive components

These are the components that do not directionality or gain. These components are also commonly called as electrical elements, e.g. of this are resistors, diodes, capacitors, Inductors, etc.

  • Active components

These are the components that have both directionality as well as gain. The e.g. of these components are transistors, ICs, integrated circuits and logic gates.

Functions of these components

  • Connectors and terminals

This is used to create an electrical connection.

  • Capacitors

In an electrical field it stores electrical charge.

  • Resistors

This is used to resist the current.

  • Magnetic components

These use magnetism.

  • Network components

It uses more than one passive component to work.

  • Crystals, piezoelectric devices, and resonators

These are the passive components using effects of piezoelectric.

  • Semiconductors

This is an electronic control component with no parts moving.

  • Diodes

These are the components, which conduct electricity in a single direction.

  • Transistors

This is a semiconductor device and it has the capability of amplification of sound and other things.

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