Money-Saving Tips: Ways to Reduce the Amount of Electricity you Use

Money-Saving Tips: Ways to Reduce the Amount of Electricity you Use

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Any types of bills are expensive especially during the winter. But there are some ways to lower the amount of electricity you need to use on a daily basis.

Switch Suppliers

Shopping around and choosing a different supplier is an easy way to reduce your bills. However, average consumers tend to switch just once every ten years. Often, energy companies like Ambit Energy NY change their prices two times every year and the best deal in a year can become less competitive in the next year. Consumers who choose dual fuel (electricity and gas from the same supplier) tend to get the cheapest deals. They usually manage their accounts in the internet and pay through direct debit.

Think Windows, Roofs and Walls

Loft insulation is an efficient way to ensure that heat won’t escape in your home. The insulation’s thickness plays a significant role; however, topping up is easy if there is a few there but not enough. If you top up 100mm-270mm, you will be able to save around $30 every year on heating bills.

One third of an uninsulated home’s heat is lost through the walls. A house that has cavity walls can be cheaply insulated at less than $500.

Consider Affordable Insulation Measures

Blocking draughts, thermostatic radiator valves and curtains across doors can help you save energy. Heatkeeper radiator panels are in the market to work with your radiator and then reflect back heat.

Use energy Efficient Appliances

If you are in the market to shop for appliances, get those that have the Energy Star label. Appliances that have these label use between 10% and 50% less water and energy than their traditional counterparts. They are likely to cost more than standard appliances that don’t have the Energy Star label. However, usually they will make up such extra cost through energy savings.

Change the Light Bulbs

Replacing the light bulbs in your home is an affordable and effective change that you can make. Compact light bulbs (CFLs), which you can get for a few dollars, will let you save around $30 over its lifetime. These bulbs tend to pay for themselves in around six months. They make use of 75% less energy and can last around ten times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

These thermostats function by automatically adjusting the temperature of your home to your schedule, ensuring the comfort when needed. Programmable thermostats let you save up to 15% on cooling and heating costs.

Look for Energy Draining Devices in the Evening

It can truly be easy to reduce your electrical usage if you know where and what to look. Walk around every room and check for green or red lights on your appliances as well as electrical devices. Your cable box, television, coffee maker and DVD player probably have indicators that tell you these appliances use electricity even if they are not in use. Such phantom energy drains can play a big role in your energy bill every year. Assess the importance of each device and consider unplugging them.