Boost Your Retail Security for the January Sales

Boost Your Retail Security for the January Sales

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The Christmas retail rush is in full swing and for those at the coalface serving customers on a daily basis, their managers, store clerks, regional managers and sales directors of big brands will be praying that the plans that have been put in place months in advance are paying dividends. After this busy period is over there isn’t much time to rest up before the post-Christmas and January sales that we have all come to expect. Having a retail audit to prepare for this, often, crazy time can stand you in good stead to make more sales, but it can also pinpoint certain security weaknesses that you need to be aware of in order to plan correctly and prevent theft and loss of stock.

Ensure Your Sales Team Are Fully Trained About Security

Every time a new employee joins the ranks of your retail staff it is important to make them fully aware of loss prevention and how best to implement your company policies to ensure the security of the premises, stock and staff at any given time. It might also be a good idea to have refresher training courses, if the time and budget permits it, in the build-up to busy seasons.

Staff should understand to look out for suspicious behaviour and know exactly what they should do, who they should inform and how to resolve an issue where someone looks suspicious and they are deemed potential shoplifter. The main thread here is to have a culture of understanding about the importance of loss prevention running through the entire organisation.

Have the Physical Equipment to Prevent Theft

No matter what budget you have there will be things you can do to help with the battle to tighten your security. Investment in loss prevention can be a real deterrent to theft.

Strong Worded Signage – It might seem fruitless but a strong worded sign placed correctly can have a big impact on deterring potential thieves. Place them near the entrance of your store so that potential thieves can see that you will prosecute if they are caught stealing from your store.

Well-Placed Mirrors – Every retail store has a blind spot, leading to store theft where you literally can’t see it. A well-placed mirror allows you to see around corners and offers protection for those who can’t afford a CCTV system to cover all angles.

Security Camera System – For those with the budget, installing cameras not only provides you with the evidence to prosecute should someone be caught stealing from you, but it also acts as a natural deterrent to anyone who can clearly see you have cameras on the premises.

Be Prepared

Being fully prepared for loss prevention is a boost to your chances of having a successful business, especially in the busy seasonal phases such as Christmas and the January sales. Deterrents to retail theft are also a great approach to take.