6 Crazy Celebrity Investments

6 Crazy Celebrity Investments

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 While we all wish at one time or another that we had just a fraction of the money celebs have, sometimes it becomes apparent that they just don’t know what to do with all that cash. This may lead them to make some crazy, foolish, and sometimes rewarding, investments over the years.

Let’s take a look at six of them.

  1. William Shatner: This famous Star Trek actor took out stock in Priceline rather than collect a paycheck. Many people called him crazy for, #1, taking stock options over cash, and #2, for investing in a little known company called Priceline. This story had a happy ending, but not all of them do. Amazingly, he has made more moolah off his Priceline appearances and investments than he has his whole career.
  2. Will Ferrell: Funny man Will Ferrell came up with his own company called Funny or Die videos with comedy partner Adam McKay in 2007. They both added their own small investments, but the majority of the project was funded by Sequoia Capital, Time Warner, and HBO. This is another example of a risk that certainly paid off into a profitable investment for the pair.
  3. Nicolas Cage: Hollywood’s wild guy has had his share of money troubles, which is why so many eyebrows were raised when he purchased the Schloss Neidstein Medieval Castel in Bel Air for $18 million. This money pit quickly sucked up all his cash and he had to sell it at a loss.
  4. Dan Aykroyd: A lover of fine spirits for quite some time, Dan Aykroyd took that love and turned it into his own successful alcohol called Crystal Head Vodka, fashioned out of crystal skulls. The vodka is made from peaches and cream corn, blended with water hailing from Newfoundland. Apparently the vodka is stellar, as is the souvenir left over when you’re done.
  5. Burt Reynolds: This handsome movie star of the 70s and 80s certainly raked in the money at the height of his career. He must have thought, what better way to spread the wealth than by purchasing a chain of restaurants called PoFolks in California, Texas, and Florida? He eventually got out of this draining venture, but lost about $15 million in the process.
  6. Danny DeVito: This comedic actor came up with his own version of Limoncello, a sweet, 60% proof lemony liqueur. It didn’t get too far, due to over-saturation in the market, so DeVito Limoncello met its demise not too long after it started.

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