5 Superb Investment Apps People Should Use If They Play Around On The Stock Market

5 Superb Investment Apps People Should Use If They Play Around On The Stock Market

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If you’re an avid investor or if you’re thinking about becoming one you’ll need some great software to help you keep up with everything. Look through these amazing apps and I’m sure you’ll find something that will brighten up your investing future and make your life much easier.


Even if you did have a lot of extra money lying around and you wanted to invest some of it you probably wouldn’t know where to start. That is why people with no experience of the stock market will love Wealthfront. Before you do anything you’ll first need to work out how much money you have, how much risk you’re willing to risk, and what your ultimate goals are. Wealthfront will then be able to work everything out and tell you the ideal way you should invest your money.

Stocks with Tapfolio HD

When you start investing you’re ultimately gambling with money and there are obvious risks associated with this. Jump in at the deep end and you might realize you can’t swim, but Stocks will take away any risk by letting you play around in the stock market without risking your own money. With your virtual funds you can build up a portfolio and learn to invest the right way, but if you discover you could have made some great cash had real money been involved it might leave you a little disappointed.


In the past you probably thought Bitcoin was a big joke, but you can’t be laughing now because prices are always rising and investing in the coins could see you make a big return. Whether or not it will become the future of money is debatable, but right now you should look into it if you have some cash to spare. ZeroBlock will allow you to see everything that is happening in the market and it will update instantly, plus you can even receive certain push notifications to your phone.


If you want to sit and analyze the markets while you watch TV you’ll be able to do it using Scutify. It will help bring in information from lots of different places so you don’t need to go looking around. Everything is updated almost instantly which makes it easy to see what is trending and what is on a downwards spiral in case you want to jump on something. Some investment apps can be tricky to use, but one of the benefits of Scutify is that it makes things easy for you.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is definitely the best place to go when you want to keep on top of everything at the moment and now you’ll be able to do it through their dedicated app. Keep up-do-date with all the news from companies and you can choose stocks to follow to see how they’re progressing. If you currently have a portfolio it’s also easy to track it. One cool feature is the ability to create a personalized news stream to follow certain stocks so you don’t get bogged down by all of them at once.

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